Harvest Festival
Each year the students share the Fall season with our community, along with a costume parade.

Field Trips
From Riley’s Farm to the McCallum Theatre, we take our older students on field trips to enrich their education with arts performances or hands on activities.

Thanksgiving Feast
The Thanksgiving holiday comes each year with a feast and a dance performance by Eric Running Path who was in the movie Dances with wolves staring Kevin Costner. Students share in a hosted lunch with some favorite foods of the season.

Winter Program
We celebrate the Winter Holiday season each year with a musical performance. Be prepared for an overload of cute.

Open House & Science Fair
Our elementary students share what they learn at the Science Fair and the Open House. The Open House focuses on what students learn in History and Social Studies.

Annual Art Show
Our preschool students create and make extraordinary crafts throughout the year. Each spring we share those in a gallery-worthy art show.

End of School Year Program
We celebrate the end of the school year with a musical show celebrating our kids. The themed presentations will get you singing or smiling along as our kids dance and sing.

International Food Festival
Learning about other countries is fun at our International Food Festival. Our elementary students pick a country, learn about its history, traditions and food.

Community Worker Days
Our children love to meet and learn from important people in our community! We invite all different types of people from our community to share what they do.

Please call our Montessori School of California locations for information and an individual tour to discuss your child’s specific program and needs.